Summer Seas - a CD of instrumentals with lots of others helping out - is available for download from CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.

Summer Seas

Scenes From The Road, available from iTunes and from CDBaby!




Most of my songs are posted on MacJams, a music collaboration site. Some are "early draft" versions, but many are the finished version. You can see the list, listen to the songs and download any you like from here.


A few videos on my YouTube channel.

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Moonlit Night

An instrumental. Two tracks, both played on Maton Messiah 6 string acoustic.

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Silk and Honey

This song isn't about anyone in particular - just a series of images and reflections. I tried to keep the backing fairly simple, but there are nevertheless a few guitars in there. The main ones are two Matons - an FG100 on the left and a Southern Star on the right.

The vocal chorus was added by Peter Thorneycroft and Michael Otway - two schoolfriends who were kind enough to help out. There's also a software instrument vocal chorus in there to fill it all out.

The photo, which looks along the Rue de Rivoli, Paris, was taken from a balcony in the Hotel de Nice. I stayed there for a few nights in 2015.

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Breathe in... Breathe out...

An instrumental. I tried a faster version but couldn't get it to sound right, so I slowed it down and simplified it. Here's the result!

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Toe Tapper

A fun instrumental! It made Top 30 in the ASA Awards 2017.

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Come To Me

I have recorded a few versions of this song, but this one is a bit smoother than earlier ones! The guitar to the left is open G tuning, capoed at the third fret. The right is standard tuning with a capo on the 8th fret. The keyboard is played by John Paxinos.I'm happy with the way it turned out!

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Benign Morning

Another tune that came out of the Guitar Retreat. Peppino D'Agostino gave us a few open tunings and I'm working my way through them. This seems to be a Bb9 chord - big sound. I've added another steel acoustic (standard tuning, G chords, capo 3rd fret), a nylon strung guitar (standard tuning, A chords, capo first fret), a bass and a bit of synth. First draft - I've never used this tuning before!

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Kathy's Song

A favourite Paul Simon song. My favourite is a concert version sung by Garfunkel - what a voice!

I've used two acoustic guitars - one with a capo on the 7th fret, one standard. The lead at the end is played on a Gibson Howard Roberts model. A couple of synths and a bass to fill things out.



Sweet Georgia Brown

I went to a Martin Taylor Guitar Retreat and he spoke about playing Sweet Georgia Brown when he was a child. He played a little of it, including a neat chord run down over the last lines of the verse. It spiked my interest and so I had a go at recoding a version. Here it is!


Irene Goodnight

A Huddie Leadbetter song that was made made popular by various artists. My interest in the song was rekindled by hearing Odetta's version recently. The one I do is more standard. Beautiful melody, and you just have to sing along to the chorus!


Evening in Atrani

A Latin flavoured tune with John Paxinos on keyboard.


Evening in Atrani

Still fiddling. This version using a Fender Stratocaster for the guitar lead (instead of a Gibson Howard Roberts) and has a bossa flavoured drum loop.


One Side of the Story

Some country fun. Peter Thorneycroft on harmonica makes all the difference!


This Is Who We Are

Plenty of guitars here - the Gibson nylon strung on the left and the Maton steel string acoustic on the right played finger-style. Lead from a Fender Telecaster on the right. Fender bass and some synth to fill things out later in the song.


The Cost

I posted the first version of this on MacJams the night I recorded it - probably should have listened to it for a few days and cleaned it up. I have added an electric guitar to give some punch to the opening, and to fill out the 12 string. I've also redone the vocal.


How did we let this happen?

A collaboration with Heidi Henriksen from Copenhagen (part of the Songwriterz team with her husband, Michael). An attempt to write something like Father and Son by Cat Stevens or Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. There is a version on MacJams, but I think this is better (simpler - fewer guitars, no drums). Michael has done a leaner mix that is posted here.


Winter Song

Mostly written some time in the 70s, and recently I edited the lyrics. Earlier version was faster and higher - I find this more comfortable to sing. Solo on the Fender Stratocaster - love that tone!