Some music videos

All these can be viewed on YouTube, along with some others. But to make it easier, here are the ones I'm happy with.

Bye Bye Love

A gew up with The Everly Brothers version of this. I'm helped along by Peter Thorneycroft (right channel vocal harmony and harmonica) and his son Hugh, who plays the lead break. A breakup song, but with a lively melody and bouncy feel. The photos are from a Google search for "lonely man" and "lonely woman".



Early Morning Rain

A version of the Gordon Lightfoot song, using a movie of a 707 as background.



You Are

A song about the things that influence lives - with a slideshow of photos.

Bob Dylan's Dream

A favourite song that has had a lot of hits on YouTube - I suspect becaue the train video is so entertaining!

Mr Bojangles

My first attempt at video in a video! The main backing track is from Ameritz, with my guitar(s) overdubbed.


Walk Right In

A hit by The Rooftop Singers with a characteristic 12 string sound. I used a Danelectro electric 12 string to get the jangly sound.