The text books

A list of all the books I've had published (usually with a co-author) is available here.

Leadership Development

Some thoughts on leadership, gained from experience as a school principal, can be read here.

A few of my favourite links:

Go Bastow
DEECDs PD provider - plenty of good things here.
Go Insight SRC
Leaders in programs relating to organisational health and understanding the influences of school climate as measured by the staff, student and parent surveys on student outcomes. Runs the Coaching Leadership Teams program for Bastow.
Go John Hattie
A discussion of Visible Learning
Go John Hattie
Moving our education system up a notch
Go Government workers
A great clip for discussion of learned helplessness.
Go Inertia
A good discussion starter for managing change (starts at the 1:24 mark)
Go It's not about the nail
Discussion starter for listening